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About the Auckland Singing Lessons

SInging lessons are available with top NZ Vocal Coach Stuart Clarke in Parnell, Auckland.
(Only 10min from the Auckland City Centre)

The Stuart Clarke Vocal & Artist Development Program has been designed to take your voice to the next level by using the most sought after training methods used by top Hollywood artists.

The program is available to singers of all levels and age - BEGINNERS TO PROFESSIONALS and is customised to the individual needs of each student.

FREE VOICE ASESSMENTS are available if you are interested in seeing if the program is right for you. The assessments take place before or during the first week of the program and if you are happy you then get to keep your allocated time slot.

Students can select from the following:

  • Singing lessons - Learn the techniques used by top Hollywood artists!
  • Artist Development - How to find your unique sound plus artist identity and branding
  • Guitar lessons - Learn the skill of how to sing and play guitar together at a professional level!
  • Singing Workshops with Stuart Clarke

To boost your progress during the program we offer students the following extras:

  • Skype Voice Assessment with world renowned experts in voice
  • Artist Development training

Sign up now! - Hurry spaces limited! 

Program Feedback

"I've been going to Stuart for 3 years now, before going to Stuart I was having on going vocal problems from straining and incorrect vocal technique, I also had very limited range. Since going to Stuart I no longer have any vocal problems and my range and power has improved DRAMATICALLY. I am now hitting high notes I never thought I could have and singing a lot more freely. I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to sing or anyone who's having trouble with their voices! I wouldn't be where I am today with out him!"

(Stuart worked with Anna Saxton from lesson one to being nominated for the 25th annual Los Angeles Music Awards and receiving NZ On Air Funding for her latest Music Video in 2015. In 2017 she started working with Babyface and Randy Jackson (American Idol) in Los Angeles and continues to train with Stuart via Skype.)

Anna Saxton (Program student 2013-2017)

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