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Dunedin Singing Lessons

Dunedin Singing Lessons 

SInging lessons are now available with Top New Zealand Vocal Coach Stuart Clarke in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Whilst most other voice teachers teach classical singing, what makes Stuart’s teaching unique is his unique focus and range of techniques that apply specifically to modern styles of contemporary music such as Pop, Rock R&B, Jazz, Musical Theatre and more

During the lessons you will be taught all of the important funamentals that a beginner to advance level singer should know. This will ensure your long term success and growth as a singer.

The lessons are suitable for first time singers wanting to put the correct techniques in place or advanced singers wanting to refresh or refine their current abilities.

Even after one lesson with Stuart you will experience exceptional results and have a far greater understanding of how your voice works.

Remember no two voices are a like, therefore studying with the right qualified teacher will make all the difference to your vocal success.

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