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x10 Week Singing Program

x10 Week Custom Singing Program

The custom singing programs are available nationwide through out New Zealand. Each ten week program consists of in-person and online lessons (optional) and it doesn't matter where you live, if you have a good internet connection you can receive all the expert training you need in the comfort of your own home!

The in-person lessons during each program will run in Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown.

Whats on offer?

The program is available to singers of all levels and age - BEGINNER TO ADVANCE and is customized to the individual needs of each student.

In-person Lessons
In-person lessons will give you the opportunity to study with Stuart in-person at one of his studios nearest you. If you are working mainly online they are highly recommended to give your training an extra boost. Students who live in towns near by often travel to take in-person lessons during these periods.

Inperson lessons are availalbe in Wellington, Auckland and Queenstown

Online Lessons
Online lessons are definitely the way of the future and they work amazingly well! In fact most famous singers we know of today are now taking online lessons with their coaches, especially when touring! - It saves on the cost of travel and issues with trying to fit vocal training into your weekly schedule. Stuart has effectively trained students online to a high level in New Zealand, Australia, Bali, America and recently had a student move to LA to work with Babyface and Randy Jackson (American Idol), who still continues to work with him online.

Master Instructor Voice Assessment
All students will have the amazing opportunity to take a voice assessment via Skype during the program with on of Stuart's teachers, who are all world renowned experts on voice.

Voice Assessment Instructors
John Henny (Britney Spears, Los Angeles), Dave Stroud (American Idol Vocal Coach / Creator of SINGPRO), Wendy Parr (Sarah Bareilles, A Great Big World) or Ryan Luchuck (Vocal science expert)

SINGPRO is the worlds most advanced vocal software and will assist greatly during the online lessons by giving you live scales and the ability to train by yourself at home more effectively. Stuart has personally worked with Dave Stroud the creator of SINGPRO for over a decade and can give you all the expert training you need on how to use SINGPRO effectively.

Connections To The Music industry
Stuart is an Authorised VIP teacher, an accredited teacher of IVTOM and SLS instructor. VIP is a global network of elite voice professionals, including singing teachers, vocal coaches, songwriters, producers, music industry professionals, speech and language practitioners, ENT’s and laryngologists. This is a great resource for all students and gives us the ability to connect with the best mentors in the music industry anytime you need it during the program.

Feeedback from top NZ Artists who have taken part in the program
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Note: To take part in this program all students must have taken x1 lesson with Stuart prior. Click Here To Book!

(NZ School Of Rock / NZ Musician Columnist)

"Stuart Clarke is one of the finest vocal instructors in New Zealand as far as rock and pop vocals are concerned. He is the only instructor qualified in New Zealand to teach the Seth Riggs technique, a highly advanced and natural approach to vocal technique that is used in every form of music, including rock, pop, jazz, opera, and theatre. He is already teaching many number of our School of Rock singers and is very sensitive to the needs of a young player (he is also a great guitar teacher)."

Thomas Goss

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