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Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons

Singing lessns are available in Auckland, Wellington and Online via skype/VocalizeU

Singing is one of the most precious of all talents. You can captivate your peers, your family, or the world. Singing has been a part of world culture since the dawn of time and will be with us as we reach the stars.

Stuart is dedicated to ensuring that he shares everything he has learnt with his students, meaning that you will benefit from the same expertise that helps the stars.

Through working with Stuart, you will learn how to sing with a strong, clear and flexible voice over a range you never dreamed possible.

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Auckland x9 Week Vocal Program

Auckalnd Casual Lessons - see online calender for availability!

Wellington Singing Lessons - see online calendar for availability!

Online Singing Lessons - train in the comfort of your own home!