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Vocal Rehabilitation

Vocal Rehabilitation

Singers experiencing vocal damage can rely on Stuart to help guide their voice into recovery.

For each student Stuart puts together rehabilitation programs using gentle vocal exercises and doctor recommended treatment from Ear Nose and Throat doctors who specialise in helping singers. Stuart also has a full range of international experts at his disposal through the Vocology In Practise network such as ENT’s, Speech Language Pathologists, Vocologists and World Renowned Voice Scientists. When the situation arises where you need medical help or a picture of your vocal folds the team is here to help.

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Kristian Lavercombe    

(Professional Music Theatre Performer - Riff Raff Rocky Horror Show UK's 40th Anniversary Production / Australian tour )

I’ve been a professional singer and actor for nearly 15 years. Years of mistreating my voice in shows combined with a lack of technique had started to take their tole.  My voice is incredibly important to me, so finding a singing teacher that understood the problems was essential.  The Speech Level Singing Method that Stuart Clarke teaches explores the areas of singing technique that I need to address. Every lesson with Stuart proved to produce new results that bring me closer to my goal. I’m confident that these lessons will provide me with a technique that will enable me to handle the demands of my profession with ease.