Stuart Clarke Vocal Studio

Speech Level Singing


Feedback from top NZ artists

“This experience really has brought back an excitement and passion for my craft that I thought had gone! “
Cherie Matheison – Sola Rosa Vocalist

“It has certainly shifted my approach to singing and is fast tracking me to yet another level “
Sandy Mill (SJD live band, The Bell Birds)

“In my overall opinion, the techniques work 100 percent, and seeing it work on different singers across the day was quite mind-blowing literally .”
Pieter T

“I thought the structure was good and it was a great opportunity to meet some new people and I think it really did make a difference with the people that got up on stage and sung” 
Steve Matieson [Collapsing Cities]

“It was an awesome session for vocalists who think they may have reached their limits, but haven’t…the SLS technique that was shown to us really opened my mind to where my voice could go – which was pretty scary!”
Jeremy Redmore –  Midnight Youth

“Attending the SLS Workshop earlier this year was without doubt a turning point in my singing. It was fantastic. Gaining more understanding about the voice and the singing technique made a world of difference and allowed me to improve my range dramatically in a very short time.”
Jessica R

“It was also great to see audience members get a chance to participate. I left feeling incredibly enthusiastic and motivated and I can’t speak highly enough about the SLS Workshops.”
Kelly B

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